Full Stack JS Summit

JavaScript from server to client

San Francisco - July 2016

The agile, sleek stacks made possible by utilizing JavaScript at each layer of web applications have changed the computing world. Join us for a deep dive into Full Stack JS!

Maximize the Use of JavaScript for the entire architecture of your web applications
Learn From Pioneers in Full Stack Technology
Discover Key Deployments of JS Full Stacks from the Web’s Leading Companies
Optimize the Management of Big Data with NoSQL and Cloud resources
Utilize the Vast Expertise of the JavaScript Community to Reach New Goals

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Topics Covered

We’re working hard to put together a stellar speaker line-up, but here’s a taste of what you can expect this July:

Learn to Build the Fastest, Most Scalable Apps

JavaScript across the stack provides awesome opportunities to leverage speed and scalability

Optimal cross-platform performance
The best tooling and testing
APIs that work every time

Full Stack Success Stories - Challenges & Triumphs

Case studies offer real world examples of leveraging the agility of JavaScript across full stack

Pioneers’ revolutionary work
Key Deployments of Full Stack JS
JS community’s vast expertise

Discover Next Generation Practices for JS

The growing fields of JavaScript experts and Open Source projects have opened new doors

Cloud Data Services on Full Stack JS
New front-end ops tools
Best frameworks for your apps